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Is Print Dead?

Brief: To celebrate print add something new to the experience of reading.
Concept: Redesigning the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl to help celebrate the 50th anniversary since it was written.​​ Changing a children's classic into a collectable creating a magical experience where you have to eat through the chocolate cover to get to the book. The first part of the book you read it as if you feel sorry for Charlie through the texture and dull colour of the paper. When you enter the factory colour and illustration is introduced.

Under & Over

Brief: From the chosen topic 'Under and Over' produce a series of illustrations as a narrative exploration for a children's book.

Concept: Exploring what is above and under the ground and sea. The page itself comes to life being a pop up book where each parts are layered up through the mixed media of illustrations and creative structure.​ It starts off with spring showing what's grown above and underground. Then summer where you can see what's under and over the sea. Followed by autumn with falling leaves and what lives underground. To end is the winter scene of the mountains above and the life under the snow. 

Creating all design content for Mr. Men and Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. Working across social media, Amazon merchandise, producing style guides, books and collaboration designs such as Heathrow Airport. Designs that are fun, colourful and follow the character guidelines is key. ​ Working on illustration and animation to produce key material promoting their products and characters.

Illustrations help to tell their visual story, so here are a few images that show represent me. I love travel, music and colourful playful prints.

My approach to work is fun and influenced by different disciplines. Creativity and invention develops through the process of illustrating books. I would consider this to be a passion of mine, experimenting with the structure and media a book can bring.

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